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If you go on Facebook*, you don't have to be there long before you run into an opportunity to take a quiz ... or see a friend posting the results of a quiz they took.  They're extremely popular right now.

Admittedly, some of the quizzes you see are kind of silly or obviously for entertainment only.  But some I've seen are remarkably insightful and offer a chance for real learning.
So I searched and found some quizzes that I thought could prove helpful to you, other homeowners, and those dreaming of becoming homeowners ... and yes, some quizzes to take just for the fun of it too.  I hope you have fun taking the quizzes found below ... and perhaps learn something along the way too.  
As always, should you have questions about mortgages, credit, real estate, or more ... or are in need of my services, please give me a shout.  I'm always glad to hear from you and help out.
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Quiz:  How much do you know about Spring?
How much do you know about our favourite season? 
Take our Spring quiz and learn something along the way.  (Click HERE)
Quiz: Are You Savvy About Wi-Fi Security?
Know the risks if and when using public wireless networks.  Take the quiz so you can learn how to protect your security.   (Click HERE)
Quiz:  The Credit Score Quiz ...
How much do you really know about your credit score? How much is myth vs. fact? 
Take this 12-question quiz. It won’t take long - but the knowledge can go a long way toward improving your score.  (Click HERE)  
Quiz:  Which Home Style is Right for You?  
Looking to build a new home (or just dreaming), but not quite sure which type of home suits your style?

Take a go at this quiz, which could help you discover which home style is right for you.  (Click HERE)
Quiz: What's Your Mulch Personality?
What kind of mulch do you need?  Answer a few quick questions and find the perfect mulch for your landscape!  (Click HERE)
Still having fun?  Here's some links to more helpful info and quizzes!
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